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Nondestructive material testing with VOGT Ultrasonics

In our test centre or at your site, we test your components and materials using all conventional methods of non-destructive material testing. Here you will find an overview of our applied non-destructive testing methods.

Since 1983 we have been your reliable partner for non-destructive material testing. We work according to standards. As an independent testing laboratory we are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, certified according to ISO 9001 for industry and EN 9100 for aviation and have MTU and Rolls-Royce approvals.

What is non destructive material testing?

Non-destructive testing of materials (NDT) is a collective term for various testing methods with which the quality of a component or material is non-destructively tested. This means possible defects in the material are precisely determined without changing its shape, structure or safety.
The importance of non-destructive material testing is huge. It includes simple dimensional checks and extends to complex testing of safety-relevant components such as turbine discs, pressure vessels and chassis components subject to regulations and laws. No matter what your testing task is – we will find the right testing solution.

VOGT Test Center - Nondestructive material testing since 1983

VOGT is accredited as an independent testing laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and certified according to ISO 9001 for industry and EN 9100 for aviation. In addition, we have MTU approval as well as Rolls-Royce approval according to RRP58001 for ultrasonic testing of turbine disks.

We can help you with peak coverage for your nondestructive testing or support you during phases of vacation or absence due to illness. We are also happy to take over your quality assurance by outsourcing the work area of nondestructive material testing to our reliable testing personnel.

All nondestructive testing methods in service

Thanks to our comprehensive service portfolio in non-destructive material testing, we are able to use the most suitable testing method and solution for your inspection tasks.

Conventional non-destructive material testing

In conventional non-destructive material testing, we carry out one-off and recurring tests on components from various industries at various production stages. With the help of our ultrasonic testing equipment in combination with our customizable data evaluation software, we can detect the smallest material defects, visualize them, analyze them and create a meaningful and clear documentation.

The results obtained in this way will be made available to you in a report. It contains all information that is important for the following production steps, further operation of the components, the determination of new inspection intervals and, above all, for the observation of damage processes and wear progress.

Automated ultrasonic testing in the VOGT testing center

In 3-shift operation, we take over long-term as well as short-term assignments in non-destructive material testing quickly and reliably in our test centre. Through the automation of scanning processes, it is possible to test complex, rotationally symmetrical or flat components as well as other shapes automatically, reproducibly and reliably with the inspection system.

The ultrasonic setting parameters once set up, as well as the scan and probe positions, are stored by the computer integrated in the inspection system and can be called up for recurring inspections. This eliminates the need for time-consuming setup of the inspection system. Testing of serial parts in time-shifted batches is thus possible without problems, quickly and cost-effectively.