Semi-automated Ultrasonic Inspection Systems

We have supplied high-performance, high-resolution, imaging (B-. C-, D-Scan) ultrasonic inspection systems with immersion or squirter technique for challenging production and laboratory testings in cooperation with ScanMaster Systems Ltd (Israel) until the middle of 2017 .

Such modular designed standard ultrasonic inspection systems can be adapted to needed scan length without special custom constructions. They enable the inspection of very small up to very large and heavy components of the aerospace, steel and forging industry, e.g. CFRP and GRP structures, turbine disks, bearing rings, shafts and shaft ends as well as bars, slabs and metal sheets.

These ultrasonic inspection systems are ideally suited for the following nondestructive inspections:

  • Purity level testing,
  • Wall thickness measurement,
  • Crack inspection (also White Etching Cracks),
  • Surface crack inspection,
  • Volume testing,
  • Inspection of soldered and adhesive joints,
  • Weld seam inspection,
  • and much more...

Such inspection systems include an ultrasonic device installed near to the probe or if needed a phased array device, a precision-servo-motion control for every axis and a user-friendly software for component-setup, inspection data recording, evaluation and data storage.

NDT inspection system

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