PROline ultrasonic flaw detector

Make use of our ultrasonic know-how and integrate our PROlineUSB ultrasonic flaw detector in your inspection system. You decide:


Option A)
Ultrasonic-hardware – PROlineUSB ultrasonic flaw detector
You only take our process-safe, high performance PROlineUSB ultrasonic flaw detector as ultrasonic hardware for the construction of your own ultrasonic test system.


Option B)

Ultrasonic-hard- and software – PROline OEM package
You want to get ultrasonic hardware and software from a single source.
Besides the supply of our PROlineUSB ultrasonic flaw detector we provide PROline OEM overall solutions: We developed two ultrasonic-kits for a fast, easy and cost-efficient integration in existing systems, especially adapted for your application field. These two ultrasonic modules are already implemented successfully for our customers several times and ensure a cost-optimized and reliable material inspection.


Option C)
Modernization with PROline
You already have an ultrasonic inspection system and just want to update your system to the latest technology standards or extend the range of application. With the PROline ultrasonic flaw detector, we adapt your system to your new requirements - fast and flexible.


Whatever you decide: With the PROline ultrasonic flaw detector you choose a proven, reliable, user friendly and flexible ultrasonic solution for you and your customer.

Please contact us! We are pleased to advice you personally about the opportunities for integration of our Ultrasonic kits.

In addition to supplying ultrasonic hard- and software, we provide customitzed PROlineCUSTOM overall UT inspection system solutions.

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