PROline Ultrasonic Inspection System Solutions

PROline ultrasonic inspection systems provide various solutions to solve your individual inspection task. PROline NDT systems are suitable for Industry 4.0 and are used across all industries for cost-efficient material inspections.

Every PROline inspection system solution consists of the high-performance PROlineUSB ultrasonic flaw detector, the user-friendly PROlinePLUS inspection software and a suitable mechanics. The inspection can be performed in immersion, bubbler or squirter technique.

The ultrasonic inspection system is designed for the mechanized and automated ultrasonic inspection and can be operated within production lines as well as a stand-alone solution for applications in laboratory. Due to its universality, flexibility and open interfaces, PROline offers ideal conditions for the testing of

  • weld seams for cracks and volume defects
  • solder and coating joints for adhesion quality
  • wall thickness
  • shafts, rods, pipes and sheets
  • synthetic materials (e.g. CFK parts)
  • and more

PROline links the production process with the latest communication technology and supports for an optimal material flow.

We design and develop your personal inline or offline ultrasonic inspection system solution, especially adapted to your inspection task. PROline is also suitable for upgrading old NDT systems with new ultrasonic technique. 

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The modular designed, Windows-based PROlinePLUS inspection software ensures a customer-related functionality. Thanks to the user-friendly software layout, just a minor training effort and a short-term period of familiarization is needed to enable safe handling with the system.

An important focus during the development of the ultrasonic inspection software was put on a high flexibility while hardware usage (ultrasound, probes, rotary encoders, I/O-interfaces) and on an easy integration especially into the automated production process with accompanying ultrasonic inspection with automated evaluation ans ISO compliant documentation. PROlinePLUS inspection software enables one- and multi channel ultrasonic applications.

In conjunction with an inspection mechanics the test part (identified by Data Matrix Code) is tested in contact, bubbler or immersion technique. The automatic, standardized evaluation, individual test report creation and result archiving saves time and creates production reliability. Additional test measures such as the rescan of a conspicuous part to validate any material defects can be automated. The inspection system communicates information as test specification, type of component, start-, stop- and OK /NOT OK signals, statistics up to graphical result display of ultrasonic signal amplitudes, run times (sound path) or their signal combinations.

A remote connection allows for quick updates, linearity calibration and the flexibility of a modern production, e.g. by realization of a SCADA interface (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) for recognizing individual parts, controlling systems, and storing all data during scanning PROline receives and transfers all part connected data with its production environment.

For an individual evaluation of the inspection data the PROlineUSB flaw detector and the PROlinePLUS ultrasonic inspection software provide an complete accurate ultrasonic signal storage (A-Scan), an imaging result display in optional colour gradations, e.g. as so-called C- (top view of the part, area scan) and TD- or B-Scan (side view).




The flexible high-performance ultrasonic inspection device is the core of every PROline inspection solution.


PROline 6-Axis Scanner

Developed as universal inspection system for ultrasonic testing of components in laboratory and production.

PROline Mobil 1

mobile, mechanized ultrasonic inspection e.g. of laser weldings of gear wheels


PROlineCUSTOM Inline differential gear inspection

Inline inspection of differentials. Communication with the customer's system via SPS.

PROlineCUSTOM Inline Shaft Inspection

Fully automated inline inspection solution for cardan shafts.

PROlineCUSTOM Bubblersystem 1

Production accompanying inspection of various types of components. Supports minimal batch sizes with automated part recognition and specific adapters.

PROlineCUSTOM bar inspection

Provides quick spiral scans with a data transfer rate of more than 20 Mbyte/s.

PROlineCUSTOM Pipe Inspection

Reducing of the inspection time due to the simultaneously inspection for doublings, longitudinal- and transverse defects and wall thickness.

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