Weld Seam Testing

Weld seam testing is one of the classical fields of ultrasonic testing applications. It is applied if after the joining of metallic materials a nondestructive testing is required either by the product or by the customer and if due to the material thickness and/or the kind of material X-ray testing cannot supply reliable information. In many industrial branches ultrasonic weld seam testing is required, the most important are the pipeline and tank construction.

Weld seam testing may be carried out by means of radiation, ultrasonic, magnetic crack detection or dye penetrant testing. Ultrasonic testing is mostly carried out in accordance with regulations or a company's specification. Usually weld seam testing ist performed by means of 70 °, 45 °, 60 ° probes or in case of ground weld seams also by means of a straight beam probe.

The definition of defects depend on the thickness of the sheet metal or the pipe wall, the material as well as the part stress. They are determined by means of the applicable specifications resp. the regulations.

The weld seam form and the kind of welding determine the typical defects, which may for instance be slag inclusion, pores or joining defects.

Non-destructive weld seam testing

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