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Wall Thickness

Nondestructive ultrasonic wall thickness measurement

Wall thickness measurement is the most often applied ultrasonic testing technique. Precision wall thickness measurement is mainly used to monitor the quality of individual and series components during production. This can be done manually or using ultrasonic systems integrated into the manufacturing process.

With suitable boundary conditions, wall thickness measurements with tolerances of ± 0.01 mm are possible. However, this method is used more frequently to detect erosion and corrosion damage.

The advantage of ultrasonic testing compared to mechanical measurement is that the wall thickness measurement can be carried out with ultrasound if only one side of the component to be tested is accessible to the inspector. For example, the wall thickness of pipelines in operation can be easily determined with ultrasound.

Coating thickness measurement can be classified as a special case of wall thickness measurement. Here, however, not only the ultrasonic method is used, but also electromagnetic methods.

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