Wall Thickness Measurement

Wall thickness measurement is the most often applied ultrasonic testing technique. Precision wall thickness measurement is mainly used for the quality control of individual and serial parts. It may either be carried out manually or by means of ultrasonic systems integrated into the production process. Suitable side conditions allow for wall thickness measurement with a tolerance of ± 0,01 mm.

However, this method is more often used for the detection of erosion and corrosion damages than for precision wall thickness measurement. In comparison with the mechanical measuring the ultrasonic wall thickness measurement is of advantage because it may be carried out even if only one side of the part to be tested is accessible for the NDT-technician. Thus for instance the wall thickness of tubes in operation may be determined by ultrasound without any problems.

Layer thickness testing may be considered to be a special case of wall thickness measurement. However, for this purpose are not only applied ultrasonic but also electric-magnetic procedures.

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Wall thickness measurement

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