Spot Weld Inspection with Ultrasound

Resistance spot welding is the most important joining method for large series production of motorcar bodies and subject to a high quality standard. During the welding process a number of critical defects can occur. The welded spot may be too small to guarantee sufficient stability. There might be adhesions, inclusions within the welding or even no welding at all. Therefore, it is necessary to check spot welded joints systematically.

Spot weld inspection using ultrasound is laid out for complete documentation and offers an operator friendly display adapted to the testing process and therefore, it is of essential advantage. When monitoring a large number of resistance spot welds rapid, flexible and safe operation and documentation are a must. For a number of sheet metal combinations a safe quality evaluation may be carried out by means of the state of the art ultrasonic method. Correlation with hammer and chisel testing and examinations on reproducibility prove the practicability of the system.

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