SPOTline spot weld inline inspection system

Production-accompanying spot weld inspection system which monitors the welding quality already during the welding process by sensors in the welding tongs.

Spot weld inspection device for the automated 100% inspection

SPOTline is an ultrasonic inspection system for the inspection of spot welds during the welding process. SPOTline is integrated directly into the production line and operated automatically. Thereby a 100% inspection is realized.

Outstanding Features

  • Automated 100% inspection of all spot welds can be realized
  • Inspection already during the welding process
  • Integration of SPOTline is possible regardless of the welding machine manufacturer
  • Immediate reporting of irregularities
  • Avoidance of subjective manual quality assessments (manual inspection / chisel test)
  • ISO- VDA-compliant, complete documentation
  • Reduction of production costs due to less waste
  • Reduction of personnel costs due to less rework
  • Reduction of inspection costs through automation
  • Networkability with higher-level customer system

The test sequence

The welding tongs of the welding robot are each equipped with an ultrasonic sensor on the opposite sides. During welding, part of the ultrasound is reflected at the joint interfaces (e.g. sheet metal surfaces, cap surfaces) and another part of the ultrasound passes from one ultrasonic sensor to the other. The information thus recorded is passed to a SPOTline ultrasonic client, which evaluates it in seconds while welding is still in progress, using an intelligent, learning evaluation system. The data is then communicated via an interface with the welding controller, the robot controller and a server for data management

SPOTline Schweißpunktprüfsystem montiert am Zaun

Fig: SPOTline inspection system integrated into the production line