PROline Ultrasonic inspection systems

From standard ultrasonic inspection systems to productionaccompanying Industry 4.0 ready inline inspection systems.


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Our PROline inspection systems

Our PROline ultrasonic inspection devices and systems can be integrated directly into the production line as a stand-alone variant or for automated 100% inspection in the meaning of Industry 4.0.

PROline ultrasonic inspection systems are adapted to your individual inspection task in a modular system. Thus, these systems remain flexible and allow later adaptations to increasing or changing requirements. A PROline inspection solution consists of the PROlineUSB ultrasonic device, an inspection mechanism and the PROlinePLUS inspection and evaluation software.

PROline Standard ultrasonic inspection systems

  • Proven high-performance standard inspection systems
  • Designed for use in production and in the laboratory

PROlineCUSTOM individual ultrasonic inspection systems

  • Customized ultrasonic testing systems according to modular principle
  • Tailored exactly to your needs

PROline Education package

  • Complete training package for ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • Ideal for use in teaching facilities

Your inspection task – your ultrasonic inspection system

PROline inspection systems can be ideally adapted to your ultrasonic inspection task according to the modular principle. The core of the PROline systems is the PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device. Due to its universality, flexibility and open interfaces, it offers ideal conditions for testing cracks and volume defects, soldered and coated joints, adhesion qualities, wall thicknesses, e.g. welded seams, shafts, rods, tubes, sheets, plastics and many more.

Ultrasonic testing devices and systems of the PROline product line offer many possibilities of non-destructive material testing to solve your individual testing tasks. PROline ultrasonic inspection systems are suitable for industry 4.0 and are used across industries for cost-conscious component inspection in the aerospace, automotive and metalworking industries.

Each PROline ultrasonic inspection system solution consists of the powerful PROlineUSB ultrasonic flaw detector, the user-friendly PROlinePLUS inspection and evaluation software and, if required, an inspection mechanic.

The PROlineUSB ultrasonic inspection device masters flexibly complex industrial applications and can be optimally integrated into mechanized or fully automated single- or multi-axis inspection systems.

Thanks to its universality, flexibility and open interfaces, it offers, among other things, ideal conditions for the testing of

  • Weld seams on cracks and volume defects
  • Soldering and coating joints on adhesion quality
  • Wall thicknesses
  • Shafts, rods, tubes and plates
  • Plastic (e.g. CFRP components)
  • and much more

PROline links the production process with state-of-the-art communication technology and supports an optimal material flow.

We design and develop inline and offline ultrasonic inspection system solutions, specially adapted to your requirements for non-destructive material testing.

Existing ultrasonic testing systems can also be quickly and cost-efficiently upgraded to the latest state of the art by PROline.