PHAsis Phased Array ultrasonic inspection systems

High-resolution inspection device for spot welds and short longitudinal weld seams with imaging phased array technology – specially developed for fast use in production, manually or robot controlled.


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Our PHAsis® inspection systems

for manual or robot-assisted inspection of spot welds and longitudinal weld seams in production. A color depth display of the spot weld as a D-scan makes the spot weld quality “visible”. Due to the high user-friendliness, the automatic evaluation proposal and the imaging result display, the amount of training required is low.

Nondestructive ultrasonic testing of joints

Resistance spot welding is the most important joining process in the production of car bodies. Currently, the spot welds are mainly inspected manually and with ultrasound. A “pacemaker” of digitalization in the field of non destructive inspection is VOGT Ultrasonics with the intelligent applications of the modern PHAsis inspection system.

In the future, manual ultrasonic testing will be replaced by automated, robot-controlled ultrasonic testing in wide areas. Imaging ultrasonic testing equipment will be used in this process. PHAsis offers, in addition to the imaging display of spot welds when used for conventional manual inspection, the interface requirements for automated spot weld inspection including evaluation carried out by means of robots. Equipped with phased array technology, PHAsis inspection systems enable the physical resolution of the spot weld diameter to be more accurate than 0.35 mm. The simultaneous recording of more than 700 measuring points over the inspection area of the spot weld results in the exact welding lens diameter. In conjunction with the mathematical processing of the measurement data, this results in an exact diameter determination based on the reflected ultrasound.

The imaging display guarantees a reliable evaluation of the test results. The generated cross-section of the spot weld with colored depth representation of the welded areas allows defects such as pores or a too small welding lens to be detected.

Based on many years of experience, VOGT Ultrasonics supports producers, integrators as well as welding robot manufacturers in the implementation of task- and operation-specific ultrasonic testing. With the help of the automated inspection solutions, quite considerable savings potentials can be realized with the best reproducibility of the measurement results at the same time. Inspection systems combining PHAsis and robot technology contribute to future-oriented quality assurance as well as to detailed documentation of the inspection results.