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Ultrasonic inspection systems

From standard ultrasonic inspection systems to productionaccompanying Industry 4.0 ready inline inspection systems.


Ultrasonic inspection systems

From standard ultrasonic inspection systems to productionaccompanying Industry 4.0 ready inline inspection systems.

We provide a wide range of ultrasonic inspection system solutionsEstablished standard ultrasonic inspection systems for production accompanying inspection (inline and offline), customized PROline inspection solutions adapted to your needs and flaw detectors for spot weld inspection as well as probes and consumable material.

PROline inspection systems

  • Standard and customer-specific
  • Laboratory devices to industry 4.0-ready, inline systems

PHAsis Phased Array inspection systems

  • Ultrasonic inspection of spot welds and longitudinal weld seams
  • Manual or robot-assisted


SPOTline inspection system

  • Inspection during the welding process by ultrasonic sensors integrated in the welding tongs

Inspection equipment

  • High quality ultrasonic probes
  • Testing accessories such as angle beam mirrors, bubblers and disposables



Ultrasonic testing devices and systems – from laboratory testing equipment to industry 4.0 ready, networked, production-accompanying inline testing systems. Standard and individual test solutions.

PHAsis PHASED ARRAY inspection system

High-resolution inspection device for spot welds and short longitudinal weld seams with imaging phased array technology – specially developed for fast use in production, manually or robot controlled.

SPOTline Spotweld inspection system

Production-accompanying spot weld inspection system which monitors the welding quality already during the welding process by sensors in the welding tongs.


High-quality probes for manual and automated ultrasonic testing, accessories such as angle mirrors and bubblers as well as consumables. Special solutions possible.

Ultrasonic inspection devices and systems for non destructive material testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing with an ultrasonic flaw detector or an ultrasonic testing system
Ultrasonic testing systems make use of the physical property of sound. Sound waves have the property that they are reflected at so-called boundary surfaces. Boundary surfaces can be transitions from one medium to another, e.g. from steel to air or inclusions in materials. All ultrasonic testing devices and systems work completely non-destructive. This means that it does not produce any additional rejects.

Ultrasonic testing equipment and systems are mainly used for the quality inspection of end products and for random sampling. Both metallic and plastic materials (e.g. CFRP components) can be inspected. Ultrasound is ideally suited for testing weld seams for cracks and volume defects, soldered and coated joints for adhesion quality and wall thicknesses.

A medium, usually water or gel, is required to couple the sound to the component. Depending on how water-sensitive your component is, our ultrasonic testing systems use local immersion technology (bubbler technology), squirter technology or immersion technology.

We offer various ultrasonic inspection system sizes for a wide range of applications. An ultrasonic flaw detector for integration into your own systems as an OEM solution, laboratory flaw detectors and laboratory testing systems, a spot weld inspection device, specially developed for the automotive industry, fully automated inline spot weld inspection system and ultrasonic flaw detectors for offline and inline testing. Our ultrasonic inspection systems can be operated manually, mechanized partially or fully automated. They are suitable for industry 4.0 and are used across industries for cost-conscious component testing in the aerospace, automotive and metalworking industries.