Ultrasonic testing is an important method for the nondestructive testing of metallic pressure vessels. This includes the basic testing as part of the final inspection of the production process, but also the periodic in-service inspection of circulated bottles. VOGT Ultrasonics has now developed an automated and fast inspection solution for the ultrasonic testing of metal pressure vessels. The test system (fig. 1) was developed for the testing of seamless bottles made of aluminum or steel, such as soda or medical bottles. The inspection is performed automatically with local immersion technology (bubbler technology). The insertion and extraction of the bottle is carried out either manually by an operator or mechanically (e.g. with a pick & place mechanism). The inspection system performs a 100% ultrasonic inspection of the defined inspection area and optionally the measurement of the wall thickness of the bottle bottom. Testing times of approx. 30 seconds per bottle are achieved. The automatic inspection evaluation and result archiving saves time and provides inspection reliability. Learn more about our PROline pressure vessel testing solution: Download brochure.  

Fig.: Exemplary setup of a PROline System with bottle inspection unit (contains optional supply)