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With pioneering ultrasonic technologies and procedures as well as a comprehensive range of services, we are your professional partner for non-destructive material testing.


Cross-industry and non-destructive –
In our test center in Burgwedel/Hanover we test your components quickly and reliably or supply you with ultrasonic testing system solutions adapted to your needs.

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Discover the latest in non-destructive material testing.

Phased Array Ultraschallprüfsystem

Weld seam inspection with Phased Array technology minimizes cycle times

PROlineTOP is an All-In-One inspection device for the manual, mechanized and automated non-destructive material testing in laboratory and production. As Plug & Play solution it units all control and operation elements in a small housing and therefore replaces the...
PHAsis Schweißpunktprüfsystem an Karosse

Efficient preparation of testing according to a test plan

The manual inspection device by VOGT Ultrasonics was developed for the precise testing of resistance-welded spots. It is suitable for the inspection of welded steel or aluminium sheets with a single sheet thickness from 0.7 to 5 mm. The rapid testing of...
PROline Ultraschallprüfsystem für Lamellenträger

PROline – automated ultrasonic inspection in a small space

VOGT Ultrasonics realized a fully automated ultrasonic inspection solution for spot welds on disc carriers of gears for diesel engines. This solution was realized for a component supplier of the automotive industry. The aim was a solid and process stable...
Geschäftsführung der VOGT Ultrasonics

In the service of safety since 1985!

This year we are celebrating a company anniversary - 35 years have passed since we first took our test device and swung the probe on behalf of safety. But our ultrasonic know-how goes back many, many years... Ultrasound know-how with history Göran Vogt, managing...
PROline USB Ultraschallgerät

Four ways to a modern ultrasonic inspection system

Anyone who wants to insert an individual inspection system has very different ways to reach this aim: self-construction, purchase of an OEM solution, new acquisition or modernization of an existing system. No matter which option is preferred – VOGT Ultrasonics has the...
PROline TOP montiert an Schwenkarm

Ultrasound in modular design

In general, non-destructive testing with ultrasonic technology requires individual testing solutions depending on the component and testing task. Influences of the surface geometry, the defect position and the test areas rarely allow a standardized solution. In order to reduce the effort required for the construction of such ultrasonic inspection systems, a modular system design makes sense.


Experience of more than 35 years

We are your expert in non-destructive material testing since 1983. We offer you high-performance ultrasonic testing systems as well as all non-destructive testing methods in service in our test center or at your site. We look forward to your inspection task.

VOGT Ultrasonics
VOGT ultrasonics Geschaeftsleitung


As an independent testing laboratory we are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and certified according to ISO 9001 for industry and EN 9100 for aviation.

Take a look at our other NDT certifications and accreditations and see for yourself that we are the right service provider for your project.



We have your all-round carefree package for non-destructive materials testing. With our combination of high-quality ultrasonic inspection systems and our wide range of services, we find the ideal solution for your inspection task. We are accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and certified according to ISO 9001 for industry and EN 9100 for aviation. We also have MTU and RRP58001 (Rolls-Royce) and EL 2153 (1.000 gates) certification.

You would like to know the ideal non-destructive testing method for your component?
We would be happy to advise you, carry out feasibility studies and prepare your test specifications for your non-destructive material testing.

Do you need a single or serial inspection of your components?
Our certified and reliable test personnel (EN 473, ISO EN 9712, EN 4719) comes to you for on-site tests or we test your components in our test centre in Burgwedel. In addition to ultrasonic testing, we also offer other non-destructive testing methods, including surface crack testing (magnetic particle testing, dye penetrant testing and wall thickness measurement.

You would like to outsource your non-destructive testing?
On request, we can take over complete areas of your quality assurance in the long term. With our extensive and high-performance ultrasonic testing equipment we are flexibly available to you with various non-destructive testing methods. We test turbine disks, gears, differentials, valves, bearing rings, tubes, rods, sheets, CFRP components and much more.

Do you need on-site personnel support?
We jump in flexibly with the peak coverage and support you in vacation and illness phases with our qualified test personnel. You can choose between the assignment as a service contract or as personnel leasing.

Do you prefer to test your components yourself and need a reliable ultrasonic inspection system?
Our experienced engineers are always available to advise you on technical issues and software questions. For special applications, we would be pleased to support you in developing a user-specific specification sheet, a more specific testing solution and specification.

Our PROline ultrasonic inspection systems and ultrasonic testing devices are ideally suited for the inspection of welds, wall thicknesses, shafts, rods, tubes and sheets as well as plastics (e.g. CFRP components). With our PHAsis Phased Array inspection device, spot weld testing is quick and easy.